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UK: Corbyn calls for probe into israeli ‘interference’

Source: UK: Corbyn calls for probe into israeli ‘interference’


Burn the Churches, Plow Amerika Under

These religious people are obedient slaves, they are slave to the state, they are slaves to the debt money, and they are the problem, and where they meet is in a church.  So it is only a matter of time before those being negatively affected by these church loyalists to torch their congregational halls – because eventually we will figure out who screwed us over.  Church and state.

Source: Burn the Churches, Plow Amerika Under

How U.S. Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats, and Military Regimes

here’s the strange thing: the critics generally ignored the far more substantial and long-standing bipartisan support U.S. presidents have offered these and dozens of other repressive regimes over the decades. After all, such autocratic countries share one striking thing in common. They are among at least 45 less-than-democratic nations and territories that today host scores of U.S. military bases, from ones the size of not-so-small American towns to tiny outposts. Together, these bases are homes to tens of thousands of U.S. troops.“This pattern of daily support for dictatorship and repression around the world should be a national scandal in a country supposedly committed to democracy.”

Source: How U.S. Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats, and Military Regimes

Henry Kissinger- Public Enemy #1- and His Lawless Reign over America

Here is the line:________________________________The Anonymous Patriots have spent the last two years writing article after article, providing citizen readers with overwhelming research about how the criminal cabal works. From the 911 crime committed by government insiders, killing U.S. citizens on U. S. soil, to rampant elite pedophiles who are torturing and killing children, we have uncovered it all. Our deeply researched articles and our C2C intelligence network can be found at people are sick and tired of this corruption and we demand that law enforcement and the courts act immediately in reigning in this terrorism. There is no person in our country that should be allowed to operate above and beyond the laws of our land. We want to see George Bush Senior called out for his life-long crime spree. We want to know his involvement with the assassination of our beloved JFK, and untimely death of John Junior, up to his involvement of 911. We want to see the domestic terrorists of 911 be arrested and tried for their heinous crimes. And we don’t give a rat’s ass who these people are. Their illustrious names and backgrounds mean nothing to us because they have killed our fellow citizens with their wars and false flags, shackled our liberties with their domestic laws and spying, stolen our wealth through their corrupt banking system, and dismantled the foundation of morality and decency upon which all great civilizations must be reliant upon.We want the complicit, corrupt media to be obliterated. They are not news agencies. They are the opposition and have deliberately kept the truth from Americans with their entertainment style news that turns a blind eye to the Corleone-type gangsters running our country. Shame on each and every reporter who reads this article and goes back to committing the same ruse on their fellow Americans. Is your paycheck worth the karma that will be yours in the face of turning a blind eye to truth?

Source: Henry Kissinger- Public Enemy #1- and His Lawless Reign over America

Unspoken of Jewish Crimes.

Even with all that power – may be bombed to smithereens by the 100’s of crime of humanity sometime soon !!

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

                    Jewish BOLSHEVIK GOVERNMENT, 1919.
              The High Commissaries of the People in 1919,

           two years after the Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution:

             A war against the European gentile = Judaism v Gentile. 

                        The Genocide of over 100m Europeans. 


The Global Village scam – The symbiotic relationship between Jewish Zionism and Zio-Marxism, to advance the global village. Jewish Zionism drives Internationalism – Internationalism drives and encourages consumerism – Internationalism needs all international borders open and ultimately benefits from the Global village – Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) advocates the global village – Marxism wants all international borders open – Internationally Marxism is well organised, publicised and solvent…

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The Looting of America

BRILLIANT EXPOSE BY CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS Former Washington/Wall Street insider Catherine Austin Fitts explains the well planned and executed Looting of America. Here are some of the important fac…

Source: The Looting of America