Unspoken of Jewish Crimes.

Even with all that power – may be bombed to smithereens by the 100’s of crime of humanity sometime soon !!

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

                    Jewish BOLSHEVIK GOVERNMENT, 1919.
              The High Commissaries of the People in 1919,

           two years after the Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution:

             A war against the European gentile = Judaism v Gentile. 

                        The Genocide of over 100m Europeans. 


The Global Village scam – The symbiotic relationship between Jewish Zionism and Zio-Marxism, to advance the global village. Jewish Zionism drives Internationalism – Internationalism drives and encourages consumerism – Internationalism needs all international borders open and ultimately benefits from the Global village – Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) advocates the global village – Marxism wants all international borders open – Internationally Marxism is well organised, publicised and solvent…

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One response to “Unspoken of Jewish Crimes.”

  1. pacman925 says :

    Some people say that the Western Media, but my teenager children in USA public school system is getting worse ! Still nothing written about the Truth of the Bolshevik Judaism Revolution in Russia (Millions slaughtered) && today, they have changed the History books, telling us that the Jew’s have written the Constitution too in 1776, not Christians !! WOW !!!

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