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The New Ten Commandments:

1) Thou shall believe that “they” are the “Chosen”2) If you see their numbers extremely over-represented in high positions of power and control thou shall not mention, except if it was to praise their “superior” IQ3) If you become aware that they are “running the show” in the media thou shallonly glorify “their talents”4) If you come to notice their grip in the world of finance thou shall be in awe of their “outstanding aptitude”5) If you detect their attempted steering of social progress or revolutionary movements, thou shall only explain it with their “admirable righteousness, evolved integrity and exceptional morality”6) Thou shall not compare their unique suffering with any other7) Thou shall revere the holocaust –faithfully, as narrated by their gurus, with all thy heart8) Thou shall have no doubt in your heart of the number 6 million9) Thou shall not criticize “Israel” the “light unto nations”, and thou shall honour it’seternal right to exist as a “Jewish state”10) Thou shall sacrifice as many “goyim” humans as possible (especially those who dare to say NO), and on the altar of their conquest, greed, arrogance, and supremacy, thou shall bow down and worship

Source: The New Ten Commandments: