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Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat: Syrians more united around President al-Assad who resists the most satanic forces on earth

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Professor Niloufer Bhagwat from the Indian Association of Lawyers has underscored that Syria is a front line in the third global war that aims at re-colonizing strategic regions of the world for the interest of imperialist governments.

She made it clear that the ‘new war of colonization’ is covert and overt and it is led by the United States, the UK , Israel among other NATO powers allied with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey , Jordan and members of the Gulf Co-operation Council using hired criminalized mercenaries –terrorists- recruited from the region and Europe, as well as Special Forces and even soldiers of neighboring countries.  

Those terrorists, who are misusing Islam, are but tools to destabilize countries and to create chaos or sectarian violence in order to pave the way for armed intervention and military operations,” Prof. Bhagwat told the Syriatimes e-newspaper’s reporter, Basma…

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