Unspoken of Jewish Crimes.

Even with all that power – may be bombed to smithereens by the 100’s of crime of humanity sometime soon !!

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

                    Jewish BOLSHEVIK GOVERNMENT, 1919.
              The High Commissaries of the People in 1919,

           two years after the Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution:

             A war against the European gentile = Judaism v Gentile. 

                        The Genocide of over 100m Europeans. 


The Global Village scam – The symbiotic relationship between Jewish Zionism and Zio-Marxism, to advance the global village. Jewish Zionism drives Internationalism – Internationalism drives and encourages consumerism – Internationalism needs all international borders open and ultimately benefits from the Global village – Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) advocates the global village – Marxism wants all international borders open – Internationally Marxism is well organised, publicised and solvent…

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The Looting of America

BRILLIANT EXPOSE BY CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS Former Washington/Wall Street insider Catherine Austin Fitts explains the well planned and executed Looting of America. Here are some of the important fac…

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Ursula Haverbeck once again sentenced to jail in Germany

By Carolyn Yeager JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE “HOLOCAUST” NON-HISTORICAL NARRATIVE, trying to get an accurate picture of the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck is made very difficult by the mainstr…

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How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

If you want to be sure your pediatrician has your child’s best interest, this is mandatory reading. Pediatricians around the country have begun refusing to accept families who opt out of some…

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U.S. Elites: the Original Gangsters

Gregg Barak’s recent Theft of a Nation “explains how the federal government, despite its rhetoric to the contrary, came to dismiss the crimes of Wall Street,” freeing “bankers, mortgage lenders, and associated swindlers”—“networks of criminality”—“from any accountability for their criminally fraudulent behavior.”Consider finally U.S. foreign policy. Just keeping to the last several decades, we can note, with Alfred McCoy, that “the Allied invasion of Italy” in World War II “returned the Sicilian Mafia to power.” The mob, after the conflict, formed “an awesome international narcotics syndicate,” exporting heroin to the U.S. “in substantial quantities” for over a decade—“without ever suffering a major arrest or seizure.” The operation was so efficient it “increased the number of active [U.S.] addicts from an estimated 20,000 at the close of the war to 60,000 in 1952 and to 150,000 by 1965.”“One of the most well-known cases of CIA complicity” with drug-running, meanwhile, “occurred during the Vietnam War when the agency enlisted the support of General Vang Pao, the leader of an army of Hmong tribesmen in Laos whose primary cash crop was opium,” Ronald Berger informs us. Tom Feiling recalls that, under Reagan, “the CIA…approved and supported the Contras’ trafficking of cocaine into the United States.”Other U.S. intelligence crimes ranged beyond drug-dealing: “All postwar presidents have used the CIA for illegal covert actions,” Melvin Goodman affirms. Richard Immerman, reviewing the CIA’s 1954 Guatemala coup, concluded Washington’s strategy was “unquestionably illegal.” “As for that liberal icon John Kennedy,”sneers Carl Boggs, “he…sponsored the illegal Operation Mongoose targeting Fidel Castro,” only one intended victim in the U.S. terrorassault on Cuba.

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The New Ten Commandments:

1) Thou shall believe that “they” are the “Chosen”2) If you see their numbers extremely over-represented in high positions of power and control thou shall not mention, except if it was to praise their “superior” IQ3) If you become aware that they are “running the show” in the media thou shallonly glorify “their talents”4) If you come to notice their grip in the world of finance thou shall be in awe of their “outstanding aptitude”5) If you detect their attempted steering of social progress or revolutionary movements, thou shall only explain it with their “admirable righteousness, evolved integrity and exceptional morality”6) Thou shall not compare their unique suffering with any other7) Thou shall revere the holocaust –faithfully, as narrated by their gurus, with all thy heart8) Thou shall have no doubt in your heart of the number 6 million9) Thou shall not criticize “Israel” the “light unto nations”, and thou shall honour it’seternal right to exist as a “Jewish state”10) Thou shall sacrifice as many “goyim” humans as possible (especially those who dare to say NO), and on the altar of their conquest, greed, arrogance, and supremacy, thou shall bow down and worship

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